I bring motivation and inspiration by speaking to non-profits, youth groups, churches, civic organizations, and businesses.  I’ve been an accomplished leader and speaker for over a decade as well as a semi-finalist in the 2014 World Championship of Public Speaking. The blog on this site is a collection of my thoughts on family, fatherhood, faith, and foster care.


thinker: I love mentally munching on things and blogging about various topics like fatherhood, foster care, religion, and anything that comes to mind.

tester: I fell into the positions of Quality Assurance and Business Analyst, but it fits me so well. I was the kid who couldn’t stop touching things at the store. Something broken is an opportunity to open it up and investigate.

talker: I enjoy a good conversation, but I love the craft of speech writing. I give workshops on communication skills and keynote speeches for non-profits.

(I’m also a husband and father, but those don’t start with “t”)

Jared Throneberry

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