Non-profits, churches, civic organizations, schools, and businesses bring me in to inspire and motivate. I have presented trainings, sermons, classes, workshops, seminars, and at men’s retreats. I’ve been an accomplished leader and speaker in Toastmasters for over a dozen years as well as a semi-finalist in the World Championship of Public Speaking.


I’ve been a volunteer at a local center for ten years. I know the ins-and-outs of how things operate and understand the mission and goals. At our local fundraising banquet, the years I have keynoted have broken records on engagement and donations, above nationally recognized speakers.

Having a wife as an event planner and being her assistant, as well as organizing many of my own events, I understand the importance of planning and being on the same page. You can count on me to be responsive, low-maintenance, and flexible before, during, and after your event. 

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Motivational Vlog
Pregnancy Center Banquet Keynote Highlights
Semi-Final World Championship of Public Speaking

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Pregnancy center keynotes: I have prepared talks on “Image of God” and “Decisions.”

Schools: on any grade level, I have a presentation called “Building Blocks of Education” where I encourage students to try hard by showing how any elementary subject can relate to my current career.

Youth groups: I enjoy changing their mindset from being good enough to simply doing good.

Business or community groups: I have a presentation on Values and Leadership. Also, a workshop on Presentation Skills.

Churches: I have a series on “Dad Revelations” taken from many of the blogs on this site.


Quotes from Presentation Workshops:

“What an awesome morning with Jared Throneberry…. Thank you – you were amazing!” – Deann

“Thank you for the great meeting. YOU were simply outstanding! I have posted your inspirational quote with your website on my page and many more. You sir have the Wow factor! 💯 Great presentation! You are a truly great orator! Great success to you! I look forward to receiving your notes from your talk.” – Mike

“I’ve heard nothing but great things about your session.  I’m glad you sent the handouts. I look forward to the opportunity to partner with you again.” – Sherry

“Thanks again for meeting with us. Our team really enjoyed the session!” – Brenda

Quotes from pregnancy center board members and guests after keynote:

“You did a wonderful job. We sincerely appreciate you and your heart for this ministry.”

“You did a great job. Your segment demonstrates your abilities well to other centers who may have similar needs. Thanks so much for doing this and for the commitment you have for the work of the Center.”

“I can’t begin to tell you what an incredible job you did at the Banquet. You were outstanding. Job well done. It was obvious that you had prepared well.” Matt

From a 5th grade teacher, “It was my pleasure to have you speak to my 5th graders! I thought you did a fantastic job speaking to them at their level. I especially loved how you were able to relate aspects of your career to the things that they are learning in school, even at the elementary level. I also appreciated the way that you explained how your career path led you to the job you have now. You kept the students interested and engaged throughout your entire presentation. They truly enjoyed having you there!”

From a Toastmasters Club President, “It was successful and we were very happy and honored to have you with us. Thank You, Jared, for your WONDERFUL Speech today and for being a part of our 90th Birthday celebration.”


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