I’m sure it’s been done dozens of times, but after deciding that I could use a break from Facebook for a few days, I thought I’d write down my personal observations. Most of you fall into two groups: You don’t see the big deal because you haven’t checked Facebook in a few days(weeks) anyway, or you’ve already checked Facebook since clicking on this post.

Nothing dramatic happened that made me consider taking a break, besides simply knowing that I should. Possibly after realizing I checked it for the tenth time before lunch. I don’t check it for long; I don’t sit there scrolling for hours. I think I just hope to see something. Anything. Amusing, insulting, don’t care. Just distract me for a moment. Like a king sitting on his throne, bringing in jesters one at a time. “Entertain me, peasant!” When nothing suits me, closing my browser is the modern-day equivalent of “OFF WITH HIS HEAD!”

It was good timing. I had a four-day weekend over Labor Day, and Facebook would be a lame way to spend it. My observations started immediately, then dwindled over time as real life happened in its place.


  • Immediately fought the urge to check fb (a true addict)
  • Went to other social media formats within the hour (the equivalent of a former smoker chewing gum)
  • Had to find a place to get the news directly
  • Didn’t know how to contact my wife. (Do I text her? How archaic!)
  • Later, bored sitting next to wife while she checks her fb
  • Wife giving me her fb updates since I can’t see them


  • Online shopping (though I’m too cheap to buy much)
  • Time on my hands
  • Discovered a lack of purpose
  • Started a project, backyard firepit!


  • Lost shared experiences (football game, sharing baby pics)
  • Finished project!


  • Realized I didn’t miss much

So like a true snob (or hipster?) I came back to Facebook the next day bored with it. Almost annoyed. At least with myself for knowing that I’ve spent countless hours wasting my life away here. But I’m also not stubborn enough to not realize that it has benefits worth my time. I like sharing life experiences with friends and family I don’t see too often, I just don’t need to watch the video they shared of puppies falling asleep. It’s a prefect place to follow businesses, but not worth the time to try and win a free sticker by following these simple steps, allowing us access to view your page and friends list, and completing this survey, after you Like, Share, and Comment.

And lastly, looking for opportunities to bless other people. This hiatus came right after our church completed a 30-day prayer challenge. I somehow came up with the idea to post a reminder of the day’s prayer topic with a relevant image or verse on the church group wall. I received a surprising number of comments thanking me for the reminder, and how it always started their day off on the right foot. If my time online isn’t a benefit to me or someone else, then what am I doing!? Might as well be working on phase 2 of the Firepit project.

Commendations, Recommendations, Encouragement?

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